Container Repositioning

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    Reposition Your Empty Containers – Maximize Profitability

    Turn Empty Containers into Revenue Streams

    Looking for a cost-effective way to relocate your empty shipping containers across Australia? We offer a unique solution for transport companies, leasing companies, removalists, retailers, and traders.


    • Reduced Relocation Costs: Move your containers for a fraction of the usual cost – up to 20% less than traditional methods.
    • Streamlined Logistics: Effortless repositioning eliminates the hassle of managing container movements yourself.
    • Enhanced Leasing Opportunities: Place your containers in high-demand locations for increased leasing potential.
    • Boost Container Sales: Reach new markets and attract more buyers with strategic container placement.
    • Correct Imbalances: Easily adjust container distribution and address regional shortages.
    • Maximize Revenue: Get your containers to locations where they command higher rental or sales prices.

    Stop losing money on empty containers. Let us help you turn them into profit! Contact us today for a free quote.


    Are your profits being eaten up by having to relocate empty containers?

    Silverback Container Management has an efficient and economic container repositioning system.

    Many major shipping lines, leasing companies and freight forwarders are currently dealing with Silverback Container Management. For over 25 years Silverback has been successfully reducing repositioning costs for its customers by providing a neutral container interchange network with monitoring systems.

    If your organisation is interested in further reducing its empty container repositioning costs talk to Silverback. Our integrated system opens up domestic and global possibilities to reposition your equipment efficiently and cost-effectively and provides you access to one-way equipment that was previously out of reach.

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    Benefits for Users

    Shipping containers are made available economically for one-way movements to and from all major Australian locations. Our expert staff and state of the art tracking software allow for fast and accurate container control. Our rail/ port authorities and container yards database enables us to track down any missing containers with ease. We will always go that extra step to ensure you are completely satisfied with our service. This dedication is shared across all levels of the business from our receptionist, accounts department, operations staff and management.


    The container can be dehired at the destination and doesn’t need to be returned to the city of origin.

    No Storage Fees

    The user doesn’t need to store it in a yard until they have a job for it.

    Contractor Convenience

    The user doesn’t need a yard at the unloading end, just a contractor.

    Expand Quoting Capacity

    Allows the user to quote work it couldn’t not due to a lack of containers or the user doesn’t want to send their own containers there.

    Fixed Cost Quoting

    Allows the user to fix the costs of the job at quoting time.

    Single Job Container Hire

    Allows the user to take on a container for a single job.

    Short-Term Container Solution

    The user does not need to have long term hire containers.

    Compliance-Free Container Usage

    The user dos not need to maintain and keep up the compliance of the containers.


    Benefits for Suppliers

    We have an opportunity for transport and shipping companies alike to relocate their containers around the country.

    Shipping Companies

    The containers are repositioned cheaply without fuss, 20% of the cost of transporting the container themselves.

    Leasing Companies

    Gets containers to locations that are better for container leasing and for container sales.

    Transport & Removalist Companies

    Cheaply corrects container imbalances.

    Retailers & Traders

    Gets containers to locations that customers will pay more money or just to more customers.