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Our Service

Silverback Container Management provides a unique service to the transport and shipping industry for all aspects of domestic container logistics. We work with our customers to provide the most cost-effective solutions for container flow imbalances nationally.

25 Years of Container Repositioning

Over 200,000 containers have been repositioned. Hundreds of registered partners. Dozens of locations in Australia and New Zealand.

Silverback will save you money. Allow you to quote more work, help you utilise your equipment better and will reduce your time looking for and relocating containers with real-time data.

Meet the Team

Steve Baker

+61 3 9312 0411

I came to Melbourne from Invercargill in New Zealand in 1985. I remember thinking how huge Melbourne was compared with my hometown. Once here I quickly moved through a few jobs and lived in various places. In the days of newspapers, our local paper in Invercargill consisted of about 30 pages. On my first Saturday in Melbourne I bought the Age, it had over 60 pages of jobs in it. Being only 19, this truly amazed me as I was sure I could get a job quickly.

The most formative position I held during the early days was with Brambles Shipping. A Bass Strait Shipping Company, now owned by Toll that specialised in the shipment of road trailers and containers between Melbourne and Burnie, Tasmania. Over the 6 years there my roles ranged from Rates Clerk to Container and Transport Controller. Brambles Shipping was a good breeding ground for me as there was a strong focus on the customer and what could be done for the customer.

My next role was managing a small transport company for a year. Allalong transport consolidated their customer’s cargo into containers and shipped them via Brambles and other shipping firms between Melbourne and Tasmania.

I started Silverback in 1995. Its first name was Seddon International. I decided to change the name when the man who printed my business cards asked me what the business actually did! And so, Silverback Cargo Equipment was born. We chose Silverback because it represents strength and is easily recognisable.

The initial products we supplied were container covers and liners. The first factory we operated from in Seddon was quickly outgrown so we went to a larger factory in Spotswood. We fabricated tens of thousands of liners and covers over the first 5 years. Other products were introduced simply by asking customers what they buy a lot of or what they thought they were paying too much for. Once I had product targets and usually, the price to beat I went about sourcing the products.

The Container Management business started in the first couple of years. The first job was ongoing and allowed me to facilitate the efficient use of shipping containers between 2 very large national companies. Silverback still deals with these companies.

Fast forward 25 years and Silverback Cargo Care and Silverback Container Management are still going strong. Silverback Cargo Care has branches in 4 states of Australia and a joint venture in NZ. Silverback Container Management operates from Melbourne and repositions containers in Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

The expectation is for Silverback to continue to grow and cement its place as a national company that is a true leader in its field of supplying consumables to many industries.

Jenny Shilton

Operations / Administration
+61 3 9312 0411

Julie Marr

Container Operations Assistant
+61 3 9312 0411

Allison Carlon

Executive Assistant
+61 3 9312 0411

Silverback has been supplying and repositioning containers for over 25 years.